Our Services

We provide complete production services (research, budgeting, location scouting, casting, scheduling, filming, adertis and post production.) We produce feature films, short films, music videos, photo shoots, interviews, graphic design, Web design, advertisement and a Live streaming online televison. Since we started, we have had extensive experience with prodject in all areas of visual communication, such as advertisement Corporate films, Music video, Interactive CD Rom, Photographic and Television.


We professional mediacompany,thats provides quality media service, Video production, Photo shoots and live streaming.


Weekend Power Jam


Smiley Sankuleh -

Weekend Power Jam on Mamos TV.  The Gentleman that lights up everyone’s heart, the extremely talented Smiley Sankuleh who will be delightfully entertaining viewers with his owned flavored Show called The Weekend Power Jam !Subscribe to MAMOS TV NOW!

Dina Ak Jamano


Saidou Bah (Dina Ak Jamano Coming out soon on mamos TV. Saidoubah video production deals with filming and photographing. We film marriages, birthdays, naming ceremonies, conferences, conformations, festivals, and many other events.


We do runs our own TV channels successfully but we also help private entities to setup their own channel including training and our services are fully.

Neneh The Show


If you’re an active Facebook user, you’ve definitely seen a post by Neneh Bojang. She is arguably the most admired Gambian woman online with more than 16,000 active Facebook followers, putting her in command of a population that exceeds Daily Observer’s readership base. Based in Oslo, Norway, Neneh is a gender and political activist. She is the presenter of NENEH, a talk show on Mamos TV that is gaining popularity among Gambians in the diaspora.

Stepping Stone


Momodou Lamin Touray (Sisqo) CEO,PRODUCER, DIRECTOR and ACTOR.  Coming up with a pround New Show ( Stepping Stone on Mamos TV)


We help people learn the process of media production. To understand the concept of media and how to use it to build your carrier. We conduct interview training, short films feature films and live streaming respectively.

Adda AK Chosand


Gibou Ngum in his show Adda ak Chossan on Lamawood and Kibaaro Television explores and demystifies Africas diverse traditions and cultures by talking to Musicians and members of the community in a charming and respectfull way.Gibou Ngum also offers great advice on key Social issues on problems in the dIaspora and on the African Continent. Join Gibou On Addou Ak Chossan only on Lamawood Kibaaro Television. Subscribe to see more of our Programs.

Aisha Show


Aisha is sensational in social media, she never back out for what she believes. I believed many watched about the semesters which was viewed  more than 50,000 people. Now Aisha show is coming on Mamos TV soon.

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