LP’s Harrison Kanwea Promises To Be A Proactive Vice President

By Julius Konton, Mamos TV, Liberia

Liberty Party’s vice standard-bearer says he will not be a mere VP to the president of the country at head of October 10, 2017 elections.

Harrison Kanwean told Liberty partisans at the party’s National Convention held in Ganta city, Nimba County that he will be proactive and robust vice president, noting that the country needs an active VP. The LP vice standard-bearer maintained that he will talk less and do more action as a vice president of the state. Kanwea alleges that unlike the current vice president, his position in running the affairs of the State as a VP will be very proactive.

Kanwea in an enthusiastic mood at the convention said, he will not give excuses that he is a mere vice president, a tool which is been used as means to escape responsibility.

The former FDA boss maintained that Liberia belongs to all Liberians and reaffirms his support as VP for Liberians to own their economy. He believes that together Liberia will be developed by Liberians.

It has been alleged over the years by some opposition political parties that the vice president of Liberia is not active nor speaks for his people, something supporters of the current Vice President Joseph Boakai have vehemently refuted and that the position VP is ceremonial; evident by the president leaving in charge a minister to steer the affairs of the State in consultation with the Vice President.

Kanwea assured his partisans that he will work tireless to improve the lives of ordinary Liberians, and also put the interest of the State first.

Accepting his position as a running mate to Charles W. Brumskine, the former FDA boss frowns on the ruling party, claiming that the current Unity Party is preaching a ‘divisive politics’, something our Mamos TV reporter is yet to independently verify.

He said under the LP led government, they will prioritize agriculture, good health care, education, and road connectivity in the country. The Liberty party Convention in Ganta brought together 500 hundred delegates representing the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia

Harrison Kanwea is a former executive of the ruling Unity Party and since served in various positions in the Sirleaf led government. The LP executive serves as minister of Internal Affairs, and Director of Forestry Development Authority, amongst others. He however resigned from the UP after 11 years in government.

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